We are a small company with a mission to help primary school age children engage with learning actively and playfully. More and more research shows that children learn and retain new concepts better when they are engaging with tangible teaching aids rather than two dimensional screens. The German word BEGREIFFEN captures it beautifully: It means both "to touch" and "to understand".

We source all our products from suppliers who produce sustainably. Our main partner currently is Wissner GmbH, a German producer of toys and teaching aids. They use patented technology (RE-Wood) which recycles left over sawdust and wood chips from commercial wood production into high quality and durable toys and teaching aids. The production facilities are solar powered and products are finished in local workshops offering employment to physically and cognitively impaired people.

Products that can not be engineered from RE-Wood are made from RE-Plastic, which is fully recycled post consumer plastic.