In this section you can learn more about some of the proprietary technologies our main partner, Wissner GmbH in Germany, has developed to sustainably manufacture the toys and learning aids on this website. 


The ecological alternative to plastic. 

Sustainable & Pollutant Free

RE-Wood minimises the environmental impact of our toys by using waste from industrial wood processing facilities in Germany, mixing it with a recycled binder (80:20) to make a new raw material for production.

RE-Wood is made from 100% recycled and natural material and it is certified with the PEFC seal for sustainable forestry. All our products made from RE-Woodare robust, wipeable and light.


RE-Wood was developed by our partner Wissner GmbH, who invested more than 10 years of research and development to create a sustainable alternative to plastic and virgin wood, working with renowned research institutes like the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

The specifications were high: 

  • Input materials sourced regionally, minimising carbon footprint
  • Pollutant free
  • Similar mechanical properties to plastic in the production process
  • Durable and robust
  • Abundant input material to make the product economical for the end client

As with all good inventions, the basic process is surprisingly simple: Give a new life to "waste products". 80% sawdust and wood residue from industrial wood manufacturing (PEFC certified from sustainably managed forests) and 20% binder. The two components are combined into a dough-like mass using heat and pressure. It can be coloured and, once dry, is crushed into granules which can be moulded in specialised machinery.

RE-Wood is recyclable and has a similar profile to hard wood, so it is not suitable for the foodwaste or compost bin. If you would like to dispose of your RE-Wood product, the most sustainable option is to return it to us so Wissner GmbH can turn it into new toys.

Please email info@serltd.co.uk for a free return. 


Some of the products on the website can not be made from RE-Wood. To minimise the impact of these, all plastic used by Wissner GmbH in their production is sustainably recycled RE-Plastic. It is made from 100% recycled polystyrene (post-consumer or post-industrial waste) - basically your old yoghurt pots.... the plastic waste is recycled on site using solar energy and finds a new purpose in the production of  toys and teaching aids as well as polybags for packaging.

In terms of quality, appearance and feel, RE-Plastic products are completely equivalent to those made from virgin plastic granules, but they are sustainable and CO2-neutral.


MAG-Pap is a high quality two component material. The top layer consists of a 1mm recycled heavy-duty cardboard, bonded with a durable, waterproof foil which can be coloured and printed on. This component is bonded with a 0.5mm magnetic layer for a durable and hardwearing product. 

MAG-Pap teaching aids are ideal to use for demonstrations and classroom work as they can be attached to magnetic whiteboards and marked with dry-wipe pens.